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Replay Walk Request

Sometimes a robot fell in a test or competition game. To better analyze if this was just bad luck or an actual weakness of the current walk or walk kicks, the ReplayWalkRequest can be used to analyze such an event of interest (EoI).

To use this module, start the ReplayRobot scene and load a log file of interest. Afterwards use the command

call Calibrators/ReplayWalkRequest

Skip to the EoI. We recommend to start a few seconds before the EoI. Afterwards use the following command to start recording the walk steps

set module:ReplayWalkRequestProvider:startRecord true

After the EoI occurred, use the following commands to stop recording and save the informations

set module:ReplayWalkRequestProvider:startRecord false
save module:ReplayWalkRequestProvider

The recording can be found in Config/Robots/Default/replayWalkRequestProvider.cfg. The recording will be listed last with an unknown description. You can change it with a name of your choice. To replay the recording on the real NAO (or in the simulation), deploy the robot with the scenario ReplayWalk. Afterwards bring the robot into the penalize state and use the foot bumpers to switch between all recording. The robot will say the description. When switching to the playing state, the robot will start replaying the selected recording.


The robot must be deployed after creating a new recording. We recommend to add two walk steps by hand with a step size of 0.1 for the x-translation. This forces the robot to walk in place before starting to replay the recording. You can also add a few steps at the end to ensure the robot keeps walking after the EoI. If the robot stops walking, even though the replay is not finished yet, it is because of a false foot support switch. If this occurs every time, you may want to edit the parameter isLeftPhaseStart or the y-translation of the first few steps. A left phase can only execute ≥ 0 y-translations and the right phase only ≤ 0 y-translations. This check is used to abort the replay.

Last update: November 28, 2023