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We gratefully acknowledge the support given by Aldebaran. We also would like to thank our team sponsor CONTACT Software as well as cellumation, JUST ADD AI and Alumni of the University of Bremen for funding parts of our project. Since B-Human did not start its software from scratch, we also want to thank the previous team members as well as the members of the GermanTeam for developing parts of the software we use.

In addition, we want to thank the authors of the following software that is used in our code:

  • ar: The GNU archiver is used to create static libraries from (cross-compiled) object files.

  • Artistic Style: Source code formatting in the script bstyle.

  • AsmJit: A JIT assembler for C++.

  • AT&T Graphviz: For generating the graphs shown in the options view and the module view of the simulator.

  • Box2D: For physics in the 2D simulation core.

  • ccache: A fast C/C++ compiler cache.

  • Eigen: A C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers, and related algorithms.

  • Flite: For speech synthesis on Linux (including the NAO).

  • FFTW: For performing the Fourier transform when recognizing the sounds of whistles.

  • gtest: A very powerful test framework.

  • HDF5: For reading Keras model files.

  • jc_voronoi: To construct Voronoi diagrams.

  • libjpeg-turbo: Used to compress and decompress images from the robot's camera.

  • MD5: To efficiently check for repeating image rows (in response to a problem with the NAO\(^\mathsf6\)'s cameras).

  • mold: The linker used when targeting Linux.

  • MoveNet: For detecting keypoints in the Visual Referee Challenge.

  • ODE: For physics in the 3D simulation core.

  • ONNX Runtime: For inference of neural networks on macOS on ARM processors, because CompiledNN currently only supports Intel processors.

  • pigz: Parallel gzip to compress flash images.

  • pybind11: A C++ library to interface with Python.

  • Qt: The GUI framework of the simulator.

  • qtpropertybrowser: Extends the Qt framework with a property browser.

  • sse2neon: For compiling SSE intrinsics on ARM Macs.

  • Snappy: Used for decompressing legacy log files.

Last update: October 14, 2023