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The 2023 B-Human team

Welcome to B-Human 2023

B-Human is a robot soccer team in the RoboCup Standard Platform League. We release most of our code on a yearly basis on GitHub. This website describes our code, i.e. how to install it, its architecture, how it works, and how to use it.

A brief introduction to RoboCup, our team, and our software can be found on this page. The different pages of this website can be reached through the menu on the left. If it is not already shown, press in the top left corner.

B-Human is a joint RoboCup team of the Universität Bremen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The team was founded in 2006 as a team in the Humanoid League, but switched to participating in the Standard Platform League (SPL) in 2009. Since then, B-Human has won thirteen European competitions and has become RoboCup world champion ten times. The 2023 team consisted of the following people:

  • Students: Fynn Böse, Jan Fiedler, Enrico Göhrs, Michelle Gusev, Kelke van Lessen, Jo Lienhoop, Ayleen Lührsen, Yannik Meinken, Lukas Malte Monnerjahn, Laurens Müller-Groh, Laurens Schiefelbein, Florian Scholz, Sina Schreiber
  • Active Alumni: Philip Reichenberg
  • Leaders: Tim Laue, Thomas Röfer
  • Associated Researchers: Udo Frese, Arne Hasselbring

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Last update: January 27, 2024